The 25th anniversary of the University of Bialystok. The jubilee website has been launched

Current and historical events, trivia, most important investments, photographic and film true colours of the University of Bialystok including archival recordings. You can find more information on the university website, which is devoted to the 25th anniversary of the largest university in Podlasie. The website will be updated and soon there will be discussions with previous rectors of the University of Bialystok.

– The University of Bialystok has been functioning for 25 years. During that time not only we have proved that the University has deserved the independence but it also has reached full maturity. Our University elaborated its own identity based on the multiculturalism and specific character of the region and its border location. It also gained the solid position on the didactic and scientific map of Poland because we have excellent students and graduates, and our researchers achieve scientific successes on a global scale. In addition, the University is highly ranked in national rankings and we are also taken into consideration in international rankings – reminds Professor Robert Ciborowski, the Rector of the University of Bialystok.

It all began in 1997 when the Branch of the University of Warsaw in Bialystok was transformed in the 13th university in Poland – the University of Bialystok. The independence became the power. During 25 years, the University has developed its offer of studies, the level of research, and the infrastructure. The special jubilee website was launched in order to show a quarter of the century of the University.

On the website there is a lot of information about the present and the history of the University of Bialystok. You can also find here current events about the jubilee and historical events showing the fundaments and the way to the independence of the University. You can also read about people who stood behind the development of the University.

– We also show what has been done during 25 years, what we are proud of, what distinguishes us in the region, in the country and in the world. We boast about the investments and trivia connected with the University of Bialystok. These include the campus, the Observatory with the Planetarium, the Branch of the University of Bialystok in Vilnius, the new seat of the University Library, eco-friendly gadgets, and university honey – enumerates Agnieszka Jabłońska-Perkowska, the head of the Promotion Office of the University of Bialystok.

On the jubilee website you can find unique photos and videos including the archival recordings documenting the beginnings of the University.

– I invite you to familiarise with our jubilee website. I am convinced that it will be a captivating journey through the history and the present of the University of Bialystok – underlines Professor Robert Ciborowski.

25 years of the existence is a perfect opportunity to reminiscence, make plans for the future and make wishes. On the website there is a special bookmark ‘Wishes for the University of Bialystok’. People who would like to express good wishes and memories and become friends of the University of Bialystok – please contact the Promotion Office of the University of Bialystok at

The jubilee website will be constantly updated. Soon there will be among other excerpts from interviews with rectors who were in charge of the University since 1997 to now, and also workers and students. Its history, development and accomplishments will be presented through the prism of particular people. There will be also memories and anecdotes.